The Savannah’s Waterfront Community Improvement District (SWCID) is a Community Improvement District created in 2023 when waterfront commercial property owners agreed to pay an additional annual assessment based upon the value of their properties to fund certain programs and projects above and beyond the basic level of city-provided services.

The SWCID is governed by a seven-person board of directors with five members elected by commercial property owners, and two members appointed by the City of Savannah. The SWCID shares its Executive Director with Savannah’s Waterfront to provide day-to-day management and operations for SWCID funded programs and projects.

Savannah’s Waterfront commercial property owners will make a voluntary contribution in 2024 (currently 2 mills, or 2/1000ths of 1% of assessed value) through their property taxes.

The SWCID is leading the effort to expedite public safety, beautification and economic improvement strategies for the benefit of businesses, employees and visitors.